February 2021 Meeting Shorts

By Daniel Otton – Buttercross Estates

Kerri McGarrigle, Chairman of Newark Business Club, opened this month’s meeting with a note to say that Lesley Pashley is collecting unwanted laptops for local schools.

With just two more meetings to Chair, Kerri reminded us of four new opportunities for members to be part of the Newark Business Club executive team. If you’d like to be our new Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer or Head of Action Group – please contact Kerri at chairman@newarkbusinessclub.org.uk.

This month’s sponsor

Newark & Sherwood Community Lottery sponsored this month’s meeting and Andy Hardy ran through how the lottery will work and the benefits to the community, once it gets up and running in spring.

The initial launch event has seen over 70 good causes sign up. Tickets will cost just £1 and the draw made each Saturday.

You can choose the cause the funds go to and for each pound, 60p goes to good causes, 20p goes into the prize pool and 20p goes to cover running costs and VAT.

NSDC administer the scheme and promote the lottery. They will also be looking for sponsors for bolt on prizes for people to win.

To speak with Andy about the Community Lottery or becoming a sponsor, email communitylottery@newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk or visit www.NewarkAndSherwoodLottery.co.uk to register.

Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker this month was Simon Akers from ARCHMON sharing some of his journey and how things aren’t always what they seem in business and life.

Life and success isn’t often a linear upward journey. There are ups and down on the way but your outward life may not reflect your inner happiness and wellbeing.

Simon’s inner wellbeing came to the forefront when his worklife was in full flow and as it crashed, he sought help from the NHS.

What he learnt was that self deception is the worst deception of all. You need to work with the reality of the situation in order to move forward.

The past 12 months, the human race has faced a new challenge. Covid-19 is the big leveler and it is bringing mental health to the forefront. Whether it is privately or publically, it’s important to keep the conversation going and to check in with other people and help each other out.

A good tip he shared, was to write down what you can and can’t control and focus on the areas you can control.

At the start of the talk, Simon asked us to share what makes us feel good. Exercise, getting outdoors, singing and just taking a break were all popular choices.

There are lots of excellent local services for help and support for your mental health so Simon would encourage you to reach out as early as possible.

Action Group Update

Chairman of the Action Group, James Fountain, shared some of the projects the Action Group have been influencing over the recent years and reminded us all that if you would like to get involved, or each Chair the action group, then get in touch with one of the committee.


The next meeting takes places on Friday 5th March and those that are wishing to be considered for Chairman need to put their name in the hat before then. Please get in touch with Kerri at chairman@newarkbusinessclub.org.uk.

New Member Shop Window

Of the new members that attended the meeting, Adrianna McNulty was randomly selected to feature her business, Mosaic.

Mosaic, comprises of physical and coworking office space for companies and individuals working in the digital business sector, as well as a membership offer for digital businesses located elsewhere.

We are hosting empowering events that strengthen the Lincolnshire digital community.

Mosaic creates an inclusive environment for the county’s wider sectors including: Manufacturing, Agrifood, Visitor Economy, Low Carbon, Health and Care, Ports and Logistics and Supply Chain, creating a platform for digital ideas to flourish, enabling these businesses to grow by saving time and money.

Find out more at www.mosaiclincoln.co.uk

A few Business Club Desk calendars are available to Collect from G.H Porter Provisions in the Market Place