Football’s coming home!

All the bells and whistles with a few red cards and a revealing strictly come dancing story.

We went walkabout for Augusts Business Club meeting visiting Collingham Football Club for a meet up with a rogue agenda and plenty of energy to make this a memorable Friday Morning.

Call for greater collaboration!

This month’s sponsor was Newark & Sherwood Football Club.

Steff Wright introduced members to Newark & Sherwood United as they sat in the bar overlooking the pitch. Steff is the new chairman of the football club and shared with us the setup and values he is trying to in-still with the club and the community it sits within. A key tenant of this strategy is to have greater collaboration between clubs (local and national), players and supporters. By setting these standards the club aims to make it a family friendly place that engages with its supporters and the community.

The Manager, Nathan Arnold, also joined this summer to continue his relationship with Steff and he shared an insight into the leadership team and how the club ethos and values transfer down to the players and their conduct on and off the pitch.

You and your business can embark on the journey with the highway men and sponsorship opportunities and corporate hospitality packages are available. You can even join the board and help shape the football club. For more information, please visit

Lucky Draw for Business Savings!

At a time of rising utility costs, particularly energy, it was apt that Business Savings Expert should be featured in this month’s member spotlight. Jill Brown o Business Savings Expert commented “never have our services been more in demand for both existing and new clients given the current climate of rising prices”.

“We started our independent business consultancy “Business Savings Experts” in Winthorpe near Newark 11 years ago with two areas of focus. Firstly, we wanted to offer business owners support in the procurement of business utilities – electricity, gas, telecommunications, insurances, business supplies, fleet management, business and water rates. Secondly, we wanted to offer businesses 3rd party support to help them strategically drive their business forward by identifying key barriers to growth and assisting in building plans to face these challenges – particularly relevant as businesses adapt post covid “.

“During our time running our own businesses and working for major PLC’s, Jill and Mark Brown (the businesses founders) understood that smaller businesses sometimes lack the manpower or knowledge to commit to areas of procurement they knew little about. Similarly, many businesses did not have the time or knowledge to “work on their business” in order to “do things differently” enabling them to adapt their approach to a changing marketplace. We wanted to use our knowledge to support local businesses”.

“Our aim is to build partnerships with clients as trusted partners. Putting our clients’ interests at the heart of what we do is critical to a successful client / supplier relationship”.

“We have a 95% client retention rate, a testament to how we work with our clients”.  

“Our business has grown mainly by referral from accountants, banks, business growth advisors, Business Improvement Districts, other business consultants and satisfied clients. We have also been able to extend strategic support to businesses as a nominated provider via a number of Council/Government funded programmes across Newark & Sherwood”.

“Our client base is extensive including manufacturing, education, healthcare, hospitality, leisure, retail, agriculture, care homes, charities amongst others”.

“Here, right now, businesses are needing support on energy procurement and reducing other utility costs! Could we help you?”.

  • We offer prospective clients a free, no obligation initial business health check audit
  • We help understand current contract obligations
  • We help build an action plan to implement at the appropriate time
  • We get paid for our services by service providers  so we are a no cost, no risk resource to your business –  “your procurement department”.

Our business motto …. “saving money in your business is our business” Contact Jill –, Mark –

Sharing the Skill

For the second part of the meeting, members were split into 4 groups with sessions covering 4 topics that most businesses are facing right now: social media marketing, business growth, recruitment process and accounting and finance.

The sessions were a snapshot into some of the key information around each topic delivered by our local experts. Pictured above delivering the Accounting and Finance session are Simon Shaw of Duncan & Toplis and Michelle Allen of Access Accounts.

Red card from Amy for Speed Networking

In another change to the usual format, members took to the pitch and were split into two groups for some speed networking. Kevin was referee with the whistle to keep everyone moving along.

After the session, refreshments were available with breakfast cobs provided by Davison’s Bakery and granola pots provided by Tree, all served up by Leisa Pickles.

Questions, and answers from Westminster

Robert Jenrick was on hand to provide an update from the Government and answered questions from members covering a myriad of topics including, who was he supporting in the conservative election contest, would a windfall tax solve the energy price crisis and was reform of the Bank of England and their influence on monetary policy required.

But perhaps the most revealing questions was, “were we going to see him as a contestant on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing programme”, after a pause it was a resounding no, but a confession that he had met his wife at a” Strictly Come Dancing party”.

Next Meeting – September 2nd

Friday 2nd September 6.45 am at its usual home – the Everyday Champions Centre.

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