Hercules Clay Commemoration Service Invite for Club Members

Hercules Clay was a local cloth merchant, church warden at St Mary Magdalene and royalist mayor of Newark during the Civil War and had a dream that his house was to be attacked.

He moved his family out and sure enough a little time later the house was hit by cannon shell and set on fire.

He was so grateful for his deliverance that he left a sum of money for an annual church service and to distribute alms to the poor This is one of the few remaining annual services of its kind in England and the distribution takes the form of ceremonial bread rolls!

The Newark Business Club will be taking an active part in the service, which will include a blessing of our mission statement. It’s a great chance to show your support for the chair and mixing with the great and good of the town.

The service is on March 10th at Newark Parish Church, followed by a reception in Newark Town Hall.

An invite to all Club members is available to download here.

The rector, vicar David Pickersgill, has agreed that businesses can have a pop up banner or similar representing their business displayed in the church in the week leading up to the service, so setting up will be from Monday 4th March, BUT can you please take it down again as soon as possible after 10th March.

You are of course, most welcome to attend both the service and the reception afterwards.

Malcolm Ellison

Or contact Jayne Saunders who is organising the event on behalf of Newark Town Council.