Entrepreneurs Reimagine the Future

The theme for this months meeting was Entrepreneurism. And Nottingham Trent University Business Club kicked the meeting off with an exploration of Brand – and what it means to an organisation. Steph Wright Chair of Gusto Group and a Patron of the Club continued the theme with his take on ‘what 3 words’ Imagine, Do, Empower whilst ‘Purveyor of Happiness’ and ‘Retail Genius’ Ann Hayes gave us her recipe for success in a Q&A with Chair Kevin.

In the spirit of enterprise the meeting was cohosted by Nicola Elwood Chair of Lincoln Business Club who brought with her colleagues from Lincoln.

Holistic Approach to Branding

Michael Stoves from Nottingham Business School, talked about a holistic approach to business branding and gave us a fascinating insight into how the thinking on brands used by large corporations can be adopted by small and medium-sized businesses so that they stand out from the crowd.

Lynn Oxborrow gave a taster of Nottingham Business School’s Help to Grow Management Course, which helps entrepreneurs to move their small businesses forward in a supportive environment. Jack Connors of Greenzone Facilities Management shared his experience of completing the course, explaining how it had helped him to scale up his business post-covid.

Imagine a more sustainable Future

Steff Wright from Gusto Group stepped up to the stage accompanied by ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon. He encapsulated the entrepreneurial journey in three words: Imagine, Do and Empower.

Imagine what you’d like your business to look like, do the work to get it to that place, and then empower others to make your business work.

He highlighted the need for a change in thinking as we endeavour to create a more sustainable future. As we did during the pandemic, we need to pause, reflect and pivot our businesses, building them on innovation, the circular economy, localism, and most importantly, happiness.

Steff encouraged all business owners to turn their imagined future into reality. He spoke about his new venture of creating a sustainable and healthy co-working space, café and gym in Collingham and his role as an investor in innovative and sustainable business start-ups.

Steff also works with Newark & Sherwood United FC, reimagining grassroots football in terms of the experiences of sponsors, spectators and players. He was excited to announce that, for the first time ever, a Newark team will be playing in the county final in May.

Original Medicine Women

Wendy Jackson describes herself as The Original Medicine Woman. After all, she says, we have always used herbs from the garden which are free for us all to use and healthy. Even the humble dandelion has huge health benefits with her favourite being the stinging nettle which is full of iron and vitamins.

Wendy’s journey back to the original medicine started back in 2000, after her daughter, Rose was born. She had postnatal depression and went to see a homeopath, as she wanted to be treated holistically (meaning finding the root cause of her depression).

After 2 years, Wendy was amazed at how homeopathy had helped her and she decided to train as a homeopath. This was a 4 year course at The College of Practical Homeopathy in Birmingham.

She graduated in 2006 and has included other modalities to assist clients in their healing journey.

When a client comes to see her she takes their life history and the ailment they have come with together with its symptoms. Wendy acts like a detective looking at what might have caused the health issues and works out the best way to treat the person as a whole. So the client leaves with their own unique prescription.

Wendy’s big passion now is to empower and educate people and she teaches a range of courses:   Homeopathy, Australian Bush Flowers, Schuessler’s Tissue Salts and Essential Oils and how to use them at home for a wide range of uses.


Why Wine – the big fireside Interview !

“Why wine?” was Kevin Guthrie’s opening question.

“Because it makes people happy,” replied Ann.

Ann went on to describe how she set up her business in the centre of Newark in 2004 after many years in the wine trade. Today her business is exactly as she had imagined it would be – selling lovely wine to lovely people.

Of course, there have been challenges over the years but when Ann needs to take a step back and think about the way forward in her business, she goes on a long bike ride. Everything seems much clearer when she returns.

Bombshell Sermon

This years Hercules Service takes part on Sunday 12th March at St Mary Magdalene Church, Newark on Trent

NBC members are invited to attend. We will gather in the Ballroom of the Town Hall and be welcomed by the Civic Party at 10.15am.  A procession will be formed, which will then make its way to the Parish Church.  Colonel Robert Overton’s Regiment of Foote will be attending and making a donation to the Food Bank. This service is business focused and members will have the opportunity to display banners in the church. For more information contact chairman@newarkbusinessclub.co.uk

Goodbye Kevin

Our next meeting on April 14th will be Kevin’s last as Chair and we will be announcing our New Chair. We wish him luck with his new venture ‘Not my Monkey”

Thank you to Our Patrons & Sponsors

We are delighted to announce the following Patrons for 2023: Gusto Group|Funding Round|Reflect Recruitment|Barcode Warehouse|Motorfinity|PeachyEvents

Next Meeting – YMCA Village
April 14th 2023 6.45am

We are pleased to advise you that we have a new home for our monthly breakfast meeting – YMCA Community and Activity Village , Lord Hawke Way, Newark on Trent NG23 4FH . Please park in the YMCA car park shown below with an arrow.

The YMCA catering team offer a range of delicious breakfasts which are available to purchase.

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