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August meeting commenced with a welcome from Chairman, Simon Gabbitas, followed by introductions by attendees with the roving mic.

This month’s sponsor was ERP Assistance and Barry Hughes took to the stage to demonstrate how you can get the most from finance and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions.

Technology aids efficiency

An ERP system combines all aspects of a business including inventory, logistics, manufacturing, warehouse, HR, finance, sales and purchasing. A good inventory management system will automatically order goods taking into account things like sales campaigns, supplier lead times and warehouse capacity.

Amazon warehouses are some of the most efficient in the world and a lot can be learnt from them. Hardware also plays a large part in business efficiency and Barry shared a client story where a national distribution business had a small uptake of ePOD devices despite a significant investment in them. After training for the team and a better understanding of the benefits of the devices, the uptake increased four fold and the customer experience improved along with business efficiencies.

If you would like a review of your finance and ERP software solutions please contact Barry via email

CBC Video Presentation

Charity Presents

Next to present were the lucky charities chosen last month in the Charity of The Quarter and Daniel Otton introduced Ron Finnegan from Framework, Nicola Hunt and John Knight from Headway Lincolnshire and Emma Shipstone from Gifts From Fairies. The three charities all shared the great work they were each doing along with stories from the people they support.

Framework has been helping homeless people in the Newark area for around 20 years with housing support, social inclusion, financial stability and independence. Russell House on London Road provides supported housing for up to 15 single homeless people in the Newark area.

Headway Lincolnshire support people with brain injuries and their families. Brain injuries can vary significantly and aren’t usually visible so things like brain injury identity cards are a simple solution to a tricky problem. Other support and help is provided with calls, clinics, counselling and social activities to name but a few.

Gifts From Fairies was born in 2023 with the aim to spread a little happiness for young children who need it the most and already supported 64 children and their families. They collect, gift wrap and distribute donated items usually to those fleeing domestic violence, struggling with illness, experiencing homelessness or struggling financially.

Daniel Otton returned to stage to announce that following the count, members voted Gifts From Fairies to receive £500. In a welcome surprise, Keith Girling, representing the BNA Charitable Incorporated Organisation announced that a further £500 would be donated to each of the charities.

Poolside Chat

Following the round table networking, Chairman Simon returned to the stage in shorts for a ‘poolside’ chat with James Fountain.

James has been part of Newark Business Club for over 20 years, including as former Chairman, and is best know for his business, Bazzoo. What many people didn’t know is that James started out on the market stalls and also sold a corkscrew in Monaco for around £200,000

When James started Bazzoo he was told he needed to network and started to come along to Newark Business Club. One campaign that stood out for him was working with Cancer UK on their ‘Laid With Love’ eggs.

Over the years, James has had 20 graduates through the doors and is pleased to have been able to contribute to their careers. His top tip, apart from blagging it, is to understand exactly what your clients want.

James also announced that Bazzoo has recently merged with Knapton Wright and is particularly excited by the use of AI within the marketing world.

For Further information on Bazzoo and Knapton Wright take a look at their showreel or call 07711 084592

Although the business is located in Newark, the client base stretches far and wide with customers not only in the UK but also worldwide.

Bono with The Corkscew Sulpture

Laid with Love Branding

Positively Empowered Kid

Newark Business Award winners, Positively Empowered Kids CIC (PEK) deliver early interventions to children and families that prevent mental ill health from taking root.

The social enterprise was launched in 2019 by Jackie Wilson & Claire Clements, both who have lived experience of mental ill health in childhood.

“Our vision is to grow a happier and healthier world where children are resilient, compassionate and empowered to navigate life’s challenges and realise their potential”

Their 2023 Positively Empowered Kids Festival in Nottingham was a great success with 67.5% of the 1900 attendees being vulnerable families who receive free school meals and 73.6% of these were from Nottinghamshire County. The highlight was the SUPERHERO CAPE WALK, which promoted the importance of raising self-esteem in children.

Their next event takes place on 14th October at the Newark & Sherwood YMCA to support Neurodiverse families, with limited places available.

They have also announced the date of their next FREE Festival on 23rd June 2024, where schools and businesses can get involved to support children’s mental health. PEK offers workshops and programmes such as youth voice, mindset, resilience and self-esteem, as well as resources, events and talks in the community, schools and businesses.

You can also check out their Amazon bestselling children’s books, ‘Spread the Smile’ self-regulation book series by Jackie Wilson, and ‘Put on Your Positive Pants’ mindset book by Claire Clements.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit, or email

Who Gives a Book

As Simon was wearing shorts, with a beach towel and the pool behind him, it was only fitting we moved onto the Who Gives a Book?! Section. This month, Barry Starling’s suggestion, The Compound Effect was won by Jill Brown. If you have read or listened to something interesting please share it on our Facebook group and it may be selected next month.

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