Your chance to decide the future of money and meet the Bank of England’s Governors

Just like the world around us, money is evolving. That evolution has implications for the way we make payments, the way we keep our financial system safe and the types of financial services that we need.

We want to hear views from members of the public on the future of money, payments and the financial system.

We would encourage you and your followers to register on the platform at to comment, ask questions and share ideas. Take part in our cash vs cashless challenge or chat live with me and my fellow Governors.

Future Forum will run until mid-January 2019 so register now and – together – let’s decide the future of money. In January, the most active users of the platform will be invited to a roundtable with the Deputy Governors and me to continue the conversation in person.

I look forward to hearing your views.

Mark Carney


Bank of England

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