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Your Committee

The day to day affairs of the business club are managed by an executive committee, see below. We welcome members to join, not only the executive committee but also the Action and Retail group if this is of interest to them or they have a particular skill set that they believe could be helpful to the committee. The chairman of The Business Club is elected every 3 years by the membership at the AGM, held in April. They generally chair the executive committee and the monthly breakfast meeting. The chairman holds office for a maximum of 3 years. Positions of secretary and treasurer are renewed annually. They are also nominated and elected at the AGM.

Simon Gabbitas, Executive Member

Simon Gabbitas


Simon Shaw, Vice-Chair

Simon Shaw


Michelle Allen, Treasurer

Michelle Allen


Michael Hardy, Action Group

Michael Hardy

Action Group

James Fountain, Action Group

James Fountain

Executive Member - Web/Marketing

Vicky Cozens, Secretary

Vicky Cozens


Daniel Otton, Executive Member

Daniel Otton

Executive Member

Kevin Guthrie, Chairman

Kevin Guthrie