Getting the Work- Life Balance

Text by Katy Humphrey

Welcome to this month’s newsletter. We had a really engaging meeting with plenty of new faces and insights into what services members provide together with what services they are looking for. Plus we had some really useful networking interactions.

Local help for local people

This months sponsor was Beaumond House Hospice Care.

Cathy and Andrea shared with us the important work that Beaumond House do in our local community and the importance of planning ahead.

They are looking for pledges from local businesses as part of their Christmas Challenge (with The Big Give- matched funding platform) where all donations made later in the year will be doubled! A very powerful video was screened at the meeting which featured Mick a beneficiary of BH day care and home visits. You can see his video story here

Pledges can be made up until September 2nd – one donation, twice the impact. Please use this link to donate

If you aren’t in a position to pledge, please share on your social media and with family and friends.

Beaumond House are also re-launching their business club. Holding a launch event at Motorfinity and if you attend you can get 3 months for free! More information to come..

Lucky Draw

Before the round table networking, Kiyth from Newark Ninjutsu was picked for our existing member write up prize and  Emma Grosse from Soapology was our newbie winner!

Business Club Members win BIG!

Next we heard from some of the NBA winners, we had 7 of the 11 winners in the room with us on Friday including, Positively Empowered Kids, Motorfinity, Newark College, Peachy Clean, Gusto and Janice Rose Lingerie.

It was fantastic to hear from the winners about what they thought set them apart from the competition and what they took from winning the award. Newark Business Club is certainly a breeding ground for tallent !

Finding your WHY

Our guest speaker this month the the inspiring James Brincat-Smith who delivered a powerful talk about work-life balance and finding your WHY, away from work.

 James shared with us his story from a career in the army to running his family business locally in Sutton on Trent and competing in powerlifting championships. He is a huge advocate for men’s mental health and is a regular attendee of ShawMinds ‘Man Cave’ which takes place on the last Thursday of each month in Just Beer Newark from 5.30pm-7.00pm.

James challenged us all to look ‘outside of our bubble’ and asked some enlightening questions for us to ponder:

“What drives you?”

“What are you passionate about in your industry?”

“Do you live and breathe your business at a detriment to yourself?”

“What are you doing for yourself to help keep your head above water?”

“What are you doing to take care of yourself?”

He shared the importance to love your job, but not to your own detriment, it is so important to make time for yourself outside of your business.

Warrior teaches, one time, one place, one opportunity!

A local martial arts dojo established in 1990 that teaches the warrior art of Japan’s legendry Ninja. It is an holistic all-encompassing, system of independent knowledge in its own right.

It is available to to women and men, girls and boys from the age of 6 upwards with no upper age limit and there is no pre-requites or prejudices to joining apart from being reasonably healthy and having an open and receptive mind and the desire to want to learn.

Opened 32 years ago by the founder and senior black belt, Kiyth Fotitt, 4th Dan Shidoshi-Ho, at the request of the organisations Chief Instructor, Hanshi Brian McCarthy, Kiyth has now trained and taught for 37 years and has twice been awarded the BBD International Black Belt of-the-year award, and the town Mayors award for sporting achievement. At 64, he is now the regions senior black belt representative.

Ninjutsu, unlike almost all other martial arts is not a sport or competitive and is very different in its overall outlook. The 3 main areas of our training are TAIJUTSU, that includes all hand and foot techniques, grabs and escapes, locks and throws and take downs, groundwork and sparring, strangulation and pressure point control.

The second area is KOBUJUTSU, that includes all the traditional tools and weaponary of the ninja. From sword and knife, fan to weighted chain, staffs and spears to projectiloe weapons like archery, blowpipe and throwing blades. Our 3rd area of discipline is the PERIPHERAL SKILLS which amongst them include, first aid and healing, philosophy, fieldcraft and survival training, ropework and firelighting and training outdoors in a variety of environments.

We train at the 6th Newark Sea Scout HQ, Riverside, Farndon, off North End and adjacent to Farndon Marina, NG24 3SX, on a Tuesday evening from 7:30 -9:30 pm for adults only 16 upwards), and Sunday mornings from 10 am – 12 noon for both adults and juniors. If you’re wanting a new activity, looking for a challenge or want to tackle something different and a little more uniwur, thrn this is probably the thing for you. And remember, “we all start from a place of weakness” but we are a family, a clan.

Old ways in a modern world where life challenges us constantly in many ways. So, jog bottoms or leggings, a T shirt and trainers and a smile and open mind is all you need to get started and everyone gets a probationary trail period with any financial outlay other than just a session fee. ICHI-GO-ICHIE – one time, one place, one opportunity. You can never have that time again. We do have space for you to challenge yourself and learn many new things. Engage and grasp the opportunity.

For more information, contact Kiyth Fotitt on 07860 755201, or email or Facebook Kiyth Fotitt or Newark Ninjutsu and check out the website at

Keep it clean with award winning Soapology

Soapology was established in 2011 by Founder, Emma Grosse.  

They are Artisan producers of Natural Soap Bars using pure essential oils and made using the traditional cold process method.  

All products are handcrafted by their small team on site at our rural workshop in Hockerton, Newark.  

They have a small range of products consisting of 14 Soap Bars,4 Liquid Soaps, 4 Shampoo Bars, 4 Hair Conditioner Bars and a small range of home fragrance products which are again all handmade.

Soapology sell via their website and also stock retailers across the country.  They partner with hotels and B&B businesses to offer guest soaps and also run a very busy private label aspect to the business, making soaps under our clients brand names.

Emma teaches popular soap making courses, classes and workshops and has taught over 300 people how to make natural soap many going on to start their own soap businesses with her support.

Soapology are on a mission to help people reduce their plastic consumption by switching to bar soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars.  These solid products are more concentrated than their liquid versions which contain 99% water.  A solid shampoo bar will last as long as 3 bottles of conventional shampoo and therefore save 3 un-necessary single use plastic bottles.  

They also donate soap regularly to charity, pledging one bar for every 10 sold and so far donating nearly 400kg (4,000 bars) of soap since 2015.

Soapology have won 27 Natural beauty awards most recently (today 01.07.22) Gold in the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2022 for our Pink Lemonade Shampoo Bar.

Next Meeting – Friday 5th August

Newark Business Club will be back next month, Friday 5th of August at 7 am at a different location! Augusts’s meeting will be hosted by Newark and Sherwood United at Collingham Football Club. Please Book your tickets online

Newark And Sherwood United
Collingham Football & Sports Club
Station Road
Nottinghamshire NG23 7RA


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